Our custom metal fabrication Vancouver process, whether you are in need of steel structures, custom wrought-iron furniture, railings and gates or custom steel-to-wood connections, is carefully planned and technically advanced.

Metal fabrication is a process involving the bending, forming and welding of metal to form it into specific shapes fit for the customer’s home, business, or the manufacturer. We use a wide variety of industrial equipment and metals like stainless steel, iron and copper.

Cutting of the Metal

During the metal cutting process, several tools are used and the cut of the metal determines the size of the shear or saw that is used. Complex, detailed and intricate shapes or complicated round or circle shapes are cut with lasers. This is highly beneficial due to the laser’s ability to cut with precision, the desired shape required by the client, regardless of detail.

The Shaping or Forming of the Metal

During the forming process, industrial equipment utilizing an incredible amount of force and pressure bend and form the metal using baking or rolling techniques into the desired shape. These machines are able to form a wide range of metal types and thicknesses with no issue.

Final Assembly

After the metal has been shaped, the parts are assembled requiring no additional adjustments due to the high level of precisions the machines cut with, and the high level of precision the computers guide the lasers to cut. The pieces are welded together perfectly, without changing or altering their shapes.


After this lengthy process, your pieces are either delivered to you or prepared for pickup if you wish to pick them up yourself.

If you are in need of custom metal fabrication Vancouver, we would be more than happy to assist you. Simply get in touch with us and schedule a consultation so we can discuss your project!