Custom wrought iron furniture is an incredible art that we are passionate about bringing back at Penometal, with metal fabrication Vancouver. There are many reasons why you may opt for this style furniture if you are looking for new additions to the patio on your brand new home you have just purchased, or to replace old, worn out, mass-produced furniture.

Custom Designs

If you can imagine it, we can make it. At Penometal, our portfolio of metal fabrication Vancouver is filled with elegant dining tables, patio furniture, coffee tables, beds, fireplaces and various other outdoor furnishings. We are passionate about offering our customers the best quality and craftsmanship there is. You can choose from a selection of ready-made and ready-to-purchase furniture, or sit down to speak to one of our experts to create a custom design of your own. This way, you can put your own personal touch to your home, a unique set of furniture that cannot be found or bought anywhere else.

Bringing Back a Lost Art

Before mass production, everything was hand made and made in small quantities. The same way swords were crafted out of the finest materials by hand, only by the most skilled craftsmen, wrought iron furniture was also crafted by hand, some of it being custom for the elite. We are passionate about bringing back this art and giving our customers pieces of true value, made by people who care.

Pass Down to Generations

What’s special about custom furniture, especially wrought iron furniture, is that it can be passed down to generations. A wooden piece may be passed down, but it will become worn, may get infested and eaten by termites, and won’t last nearly as long as a well made wrought iron piece.

Add an extra special touch to your home and your collection of heirlooms with Penometal’s metal fabrication Vancouver for custom, wrought iron furniture. Get in touch with us to learn more and get started.