There are many differences between awnings and canopies Vancouver, however, oftentimes people use these terms interchangeably without actually being aware that they are two very different structures. While they both provide shade and protection from sunlight and rain, there are many differences in their purposes and how they are used. Let’s take a look at some of the differences to help you decide which option is best for your home.



Awnings are permanent, retractable structures attached to a home, meant to protect it from sunlight. They provide shade to a window inside the home, as well as shade and protection from the elements on the patio in the place where they are installed. They can be motorized or manually operated, and are attached to a building or structure – this is the key difference.

  • Attached to a building or structure
  • Provide shade or protection to a window inside the home
  • Minimizes chances of rain or humidity getting indoors, and mold growing
  • Extends the indoor and outdoor living space
  • Permanent and not portable
  • Can be taken down without damage to the building
  • Can retract to be stored up against the building without taking up space
  • Heavy-duty fabrics and frames since it’s permanent
  • A wide variety of fabric colours, patterns and fabric types

Canopies Vancouver


Canopies are freestanding, temporary structures that are installed and then taken down when not needed or not in use. They are meant to provide shade and protection from sun, rain and snow. It doesn’t always have to be installed in a backyard, it can also be installed at a beach or park, protecting your family from the sun.

  • Freestanding and not attached to a structure
  • Provides shade and protection from rain to an outdoor area
  • Maximizes and extends your living space, creating an outdoor hangout area
  • Portable, easily moveable, easily disassembled
  • Can be very small for the backyard or very, very large for outdoor events like weddings
  • Since it is portable, fabrics and frames are more lightweight and not as heavy duty
  • Not as many options for fabric colours, patterns and fabric types

In the end, it should be fairly easy to decide what is best for your home and your family’s needs, awnings or canopies Vancouver. If you run into trouble or feel unsure about what to get, get in touch with us and we would be happy to help you.