Staircases make an entrance grand, beautiful, and eye-catching. They are often one of the first things a visitor will see upon first entering your home, and descending down them or going up to the next floor will only add to the ambience they help create. Staircases are difficult to master and their level of complexity shows a great deal of craftsmanship with custom metalwork Vancouver.

Beautiful Custom Designs

Whether you have to follow a certain theme, have an unusual space, or an incredibly narrow area that has to accommodate safe and structurally sound stairs, our custom designs can fit any space. Custom-built stairs have the advantage of being flexible to a wide variety of limitations like lack of space, odd curves and bends, and unique heights. Whether you have a business requiring an eye-catching staircase that will reflect your brand and reinforce your company’s message and style or would like your staircase to reflect the interior of your newly renovated home, our custom designs are specially curated just for you.

Added Value

A custom, high-quality staircase adds significant value to your home or business. Potential homebuyers will be more willing to pay more knowing there is a structurally sound and aesthetically elegant custom-built staircase in their soon-to-be home.

Custom Finishes & Materials

The fit, finish and material used to build your staircase is only a matter of your imagination. Whether you want to use exotic and rare woods, unique metals or composite materials, we can make sure your vision is directly reflected in your brand new staircase with our custom metal work Vancouver. For your home, maybe you want to incorporate a beautifully finished wood, for your office perhaps a contemporary glass design and for your business, an industrial wrought iron staircase that will last for years to come.

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