A strong and reliable gate will ensure your home doesn’t get affected by any criminal activity in your neighbourhood, and create an added sense of security regardless of how many people live in your home or where it is located. With a wide selection of gates, each one serves a unique purpose. These gates can be used for residential homes, commercial properties and in some cases, industrial businesses or manufacturing companies.

Sliding Gate

Sliding gates slide sideways to open rather than swinging open, much like a sliding door. It is ideal for front yards or entrances where there isn’t a lot of space to work with, some featuring wheels to slide open. They can be manual, or automatic requiring a remote or pin pad to open. With our custom metal fabrication Vancouver, you can rest assured your new sliding gate will fulfil your unique needs.

Vertical Pivot Gate

A vertical pivot gate looks incredibly modern, high-end and luxurious. They don’t require extra space like a swing gate, since they lift upwards automatically.

Swing Gate

Swing gates require a substantial amount of space in the driveway in order to open and fan out, however, they are a beautiful way to amp up your curb appeal and stand out. Our metal fabrication Vancouver provides custom options for a swing gate completely custom-tailored for your home or business.


Gates can be made from a wide variety of materials ranging from aluminum, steel, wrought iron and chain link with the most popular being wrought iron due to its beauty, customization ability, sturdiness, resistance to weathering (especially with our galvanized coating) and capacity to send away intruders from climbing them (this is why spikes at the top of the gate are recommended).

Get in touch with us to talk about our metal fabrication Vancouver services and how we can customize your home and business with high-security, high-quality wrought iron, aluminum or steel gates.