What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is an umbrella term for the multiple methods and processes of manipulating all kinds of metal into specific shapes for a wide variety of users. This is all done by cutting, bending or welding metal which can result in the creation of steel structures, steel to wood connections, railings, gates, fences and wrought iron furniture.

Getting Started

The process is fairly simple. The client will tell us their specifications, including special measurements and the type of metal they require for their project. Our team can also help select the right type of metal or building and installation method for their project.

Once we build the blueprints and the client approves them, we will use our wide variety of materials and high-quality equipment to construct your project to the specific shapes they were agreed upon. We always make sure we have a wide selection of raw materials and tools in order to complete all products, especially those with a tighter timeline.

The Metal Fabrication Process


It requires powerful industrial-strength drills and laser cutters to cut metal to specific shapes.


It requires heavy-duty equipment to punch out forms, similar to a paper hole punch.


It requires heavy-duty drills to make holes of any size or depth, helping to make the perfect holes for screws. Drilling specifically produces circular holes.


It requires the production of all kinds of non-circular holes in a metal sheet or metal form.


It requires extremely high heat to melt and bind metal materials together.


it requires heavy-duty machinery and extreme pressure to compress metal into various thicknesses.

What Can Be Made With Metal Fabrication?

The possibilities of metal fabrication are endless. You can create metal railings for stairwells, balconies, patios and walkways, steel frames for high rise buildings, fencing, gates, custom canopies and custom awnings, and steel-to-wood connections for various structures.

If you need metal fabrication for your personal project, your home, or you are a business, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your project.