Wrought iron is one of the most durable materials for outdoor fencing. “Wrought” as defined by Google means “to be beaten out or shaped by hammering”. In order for wrought iron to get its final shape, it is removed from the heat and worked on with a special hammer in order to be moulded into its final shape. At Penometal, we offer a variety of metal fabrication Vancouver services to suit your unique needs.

The Advantages of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron has great weldability, it is malleable (moldable and flexible) yet tough and can take incredible weight and loads. It is ductile, meaning that it can be shaped and stretched out into a thin wire, and has excellent tensile strength, meaning that it will not easily break under pressure.

Increased Property Value

Installing wrought iron gates not only adds curb appeal to your home, but they also add a significant amount of property value due to their strength, durability, long lifetime and the generally positive impression they provide for potential homebuyers.


Wrought iron is incredibly durable, being able to withstand collisions and crashes of particular strength. They resist the negative effects of weathering, especially with the added benefits of Penometal’s galvanized coating.

Low Maintenance

Wrought iron is incredibly low maintenance, requiring only a pressure wash if absolutely necessary, or a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. The advantage is that wrought iron won’t rot or attract insects that will slowly eat and chip away at it.

Beauty & Aesthetic Elegance

Wrought iron and its beautiful swirls and spikes bring an effortless beauty and timeless elegance to your home. It also helps to deter residential and commercial break-ins by displaying authority.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the wrought iron gates and fences we offer, and how we can customize them to your liking and requirements with our wrought iron fabrication Vancouver service.