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Staircases are the focal point of an entryway, and oftentimes one of the first parts of a home visitors will see. Well-designed curved staircases are beautiful in their complexity, and an integral facet of craftsmanship and design, serving more than just functionality. Whether designing a new home or building, or planning for an upgrade to an existing structure, our custom curved and round stair designs will add aesthetic and monetary value to your property.

A Dedicated Collective

Our team of talented professionals have the experience and skill to deliver custom curved staircases from the very beginning stages of project inspiration, all the way to installation and completion. At Penometal, we take the time to understand your unique vision, ensuring we deliver innovative designs which meet your needs, compliment your style, and bring your most complex ideas to life. We simplify the concept and build process with measuring services that match your property’s unique specifications, help you explore your options and guide you in making the best possible decision.

– 15 years of experience.
– Countless design options in both aluminum and steel
– Superior craftsmanship and skill
– Turn-key processes from design through delivery
– Expertise in building codes

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Penometal offers a wide range of aluminum, steel and glass products, as well as blacksmithing including custom design railings, fencing, gates, wrought iron furniture, and much other ironworks. Whether you are a designer or an individual homeowner looking for quality work, you will be satisfied with our products and exceptional services.


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