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Structural Steel

The state-of-the-art machinery at Penometal allows us to transform massive steel sheets and heavy beams into fully fabricated and ready-to-use components. We have the high level of precision and skill it requires to fabricate structural steel products like connections, base plates, steel saddles, joists, reinforcing beams, individual columns, and canopy structures all within reasonable cost. Our computerized quality control systems monitor the entire process from start to finish, making sure all cutting, welding, drilling and fitting is accurate and precise.


A Specialized Process

In order to fabricate structural beams, various components or equipment, a dynamic process requiring a special understanding and a unique set of abilities is set in place. We follow a specialized process that ensures the successful erection of the final project, and the full satisfaction of the client. From the ideation, blueprint and shop drawing stage into following cutting, drilling, etching and component assembly, we work tirelessly to create work that reflects our impeccably high standard for craftsmanship and customer service for custom metal work Vancouver.

A Committed Team

Our custom steel fabrication Vancouver team is licensed, with experience you can trust to get the job done safely and efficiently. Our perfectionist approach and superior craftsmanship ensures results that fully satisfy each of our customers’ unique needs. From the metal design stage all the way to delivery, our team will work closely with you and take the time to listen to your requirements and ensure an end result that fits your specifications.


Professional Powder Coating

We protect our products with galvanizing, powder coating and marine-type painting to deliver the best quality finishes to our valued customers. At Penometal, we offer premium coatings to ensure the final product is both beautiful, and durable. Our professional painters are able to provide clients with traditional painting as well antique-look finishes which bring added value for certain designs such as interior wrought iron and ornamentals.

Custom Steel Connections
For Wood Structures

Custom Steel-to-Wood Connections

When combined with wood, steel has an impeccable load-bearing capability which makes it ideal for the use of custom homes, pavilions, timber connector plates and a wide variety of other structures. Our skilled custom steel Vancouver team has extensive experience in the fabrication, manufacturing and installation process of steel-to-wood connections. With acute attention to detail, our team’s rigorous manufacturing process produces high-quality steel pieces which will help you avoid splits, notching and net section issues with connection.

Full Customization

We make your job easy, with the full customization of steel-to-wood connections for the success of your unique project. No matter what the structure, architectural integrity or design of your project, our highly skilled custom steel fabrication Vancouver team will fabricate high quality, incredibly load-bearing connections. With our specialized equipment and intricate manufacturing process, no project is out of our reach. With some of the most skilled and committed engineers on our team, you can rest assured that every connection you need for your project will be delivered to you in flawless condition, with an impeccably natural fit.

The Highest Level of Craftsmanship

The team at Penometal consists of professionals who, with years of extensive experience, industry knowledge and special skills, dedicate themselves to putting out consistently high-quality custom steel fabrication Vancouver. We use the best materials available, and fabricate connections for your projects using equipment and machinery built to create products that stand the test of time and industrial strength, rules and regulations.

Professional Knowledge at Your Fingertips

If self-installing, our experts are able to recommend thorough fastening guidelines to ensure a safe structure. Our custom steel Vancouver team has a deep-rooted understanding of the design philosophy of wood connections, and their unique behavior when combined with wood. Penometal will manufacture custom steel connections based on your calculations, measurements and drawings to produce optimal quality products which fit with your requirements and specifications.


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Penometal offers a wide range of metal design and metal fabrication Vancouver, aluminum, steel and glass products, as well as blacksmithing including custom metal work, design railings, fencing, gates, wrought iron furniture, and many other ironworks. Whether you are a designer or an individual homeowner looking for quality work, you will be satisfied with our products and exceptional services.



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